Bike Repair

We handle a wide variety of bike repair and customization. If it goes on a bike, we can work on it. Our bike mechanics will work with you to get your bike in full working condition and back on the road. Our repair process is simple. Bring in the bike and we’ll run through the bike with you. Our mechanics will point out work that needs to be done, and work with you to get a approximate quote you are comfortable with. We’ll take your bike in and give you a timeline for its work. If something comes up during the repair process, as things occasionally do, we’ll get in contact with you and find a solution that fits your needs. We are the Kenai Peninsula’s premier bicycle repair service, and we hope to prove it to you. Below is a sample of our current labor rates. Please contact us for a more detailed quote or to find out what we can do for you. Repair time varies by season so please plan ahead and call for up to date info on our current turn around. Rates do not include parts unless explicitly stated.

Common Labor Rate
The Loop – Safety Tune $30
Crescent Lake Tune – Standard Tune $60+
Resurrection Tune – Tune Plus $150+
Assemble Bike $70
Box Bike – Includes Box and Materials $65
Wash Bicycle – Mechanic’s Discretion $15-25
Replace Any Cable. Includes Cable $15
General Labor $65/hr
Adjust Brake $15
Bleed Brake $35
Install Chain $10
Install Derailleur $15
Replace Bottom Bracket $25
Minor Wheel True $15
Wheel Build $60
Wrap Handlebar $10
Install Rack $20
Install Fenders $30
Install Pegs $5