Soldotna’s Skate Shop

Your locally owned Skate Shop

All the way back in the late 90s Beemuns was the first and only skate shop on the Central Peninsula. We carried all the early brand staples like Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, DC shoes, and Birdhouse. When another Alaskan owned skate shop opened in the Peninsula, we shifted our focus towards BMX and inline skates. That shop is long since gone, and we’ve been carrying longboards and skate accessories for over a decade. We have also recently started carrying complete skateboards and skateboard accessories, with a focus on modern brands like Deathwish, Silver Trucks, Shake Junt and more.


Beemuns has been proudly carrying Sector 9 longboards for many years. In addition we carry longboards by Layback, Madrid and others. We also carry longboard trucks from Gullwing, and longboard wheels and bearings from manufacturers like Cadillac Wheels, Sector 9, Blood Orange, and Shark Wheels.


Beemuns is once again the Cenral Peninsula’s premier local skate shop. We carry complete boards, as well as decks, trucks, wheels, hardware and grip tape. Whether you’re just getting into skating, or looking to keep on rolling. We can outfit your needs. Stock is constantly rotating, so call us to see what’s on hand. We carry completes from Birdhouse, Deathwish, Element and more. Trucks from Silver and Gullwing. We have wheels for cruising, wheels to hit the park, and even softer street size wheels for that rough Alaskan pavement. Beemuns stocks a variety of graphic grip tapes to let you individualize your board, as well as black and clear sheets, and even rolls big enough for longboards.