Ski and Snowboard Services

We’re More Than a Retail Shop

We’re Your Local Repair Shop

From waxing to edge repair, base delamination to mounting bindings, we do it all

Work Price Glide wax Temp Rating Kick wax Temp Rating
P-Tex Base Repair $15 and Up CH10 Yellow 32-50 F V60 Red Silver 32-38 F
Snowboard Edge Sharpening $25.00 CH8 Pink 25-34 F V55 Red Special 32-34 F
Alpine Ski Edge Sharpening $40.00 CH7 Purple 18-28 F V50 Violet 32 F
Base Delamination Repair $15 and Up CH6 Blue 10-21 F V45 Violet Special 27-32 F
Mount Bindings (Nordic Only) $15.00 CH4 Green -26-+14 F V40 Blue Extra 19-30 F
Glide Wax $10.00 V30 Blue 14-28 F
Alpine Wax $12.00 V20 Green 5-18 F
Classic Ski Wax $15.00 V05 Polar -12-+10 F
Custom Wax $20.00 VG82 Base Binder